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Life at Mimosa Lake: 
The Story of the Winter Visitor

Start with a walk around the neighborhood, get to know the neighbors - quirks and all!
 The recession has left River Ivery and her Mimosa Lake neighbors feeling isolated and hopeless.  River knows something must change.  But how?  God's answer is the Winter Visitor.  With loving presence, the Visitor offers renewal to the neighbors.  But will they take it?  Only the coming of spring will tell.  

Life at Mimosa Lake: 
Warm Days and Leda Clay

What happens when life throws you one unexpected turn after another?  It's like standing on leda clay, it slides right out from under you....

Thanks to the eagles that wintered at Mimosa Lake, the neighbors are looking forward to spring.  But are they just standing on Leda Clay?  Join River and all her Mimosa Lake neighbors as they rely on their faith to give them sure footing through an ever-changing landscape.  With God’s help, they just might learn that falling down a slippery slope can land you into unexpected blessings.

Life at Mimosa Lake: 
Spring Sprouts and Fall Ashes

Life seems great, then right before your eyes it all begins to unravel.  There's a choice to be made - hide or walk....

The neighbors have come to expect the unexpected at Mimosa Lake - and to rely on the eagles to fly in with the promise of better days on their wingtips.  Yes, the eagles are nesting on Scout Point Island, but where are those better days?   
  River Ivery can hardly function: January brought her unimaginable fears to fruition.  How can Thadius Sandberg show River his real feelings, especially now?   Herbert Potts is in deep: how can that happen to such a righteous man?   Join River Ivery, Dock Crayton, GeorgiaLemonn, Missy Wright, Herbert and Selma Potts, and all the Mimosa Lake neighbors as they are tested in a firestorm of fear, grief, heat, lust and loss.  Will hope, kindness, understanding - and love - help them keep their faith and rise from the ashes? With God’s help, and under the eagles' watchful eyes, the neighbors may discover that the strongest spring sprouts grow from fall's ashes. Welcome back - to Mimosa Lake!

Life at Mimosa Lake: 
The Shadows of Comfort

River's all alone in this... there are people standing by, but she can't see them.  She's terrified and lost.  It's a long walk out of the desert.

The neighbors at Mimosa Lake have been through a lot since the great recession in 2009.  Now, they are trying to rise from the ashes – literally.  The Canopy; the neighborhood gathering place, has burned to the ground. 
And two neighbors stand accused of arson. Who can you trust?  
  Who would burn down the Canopy?
The accusation of arson against River Ivery has catapulted her into a spiritual desert.  Has God really abandoned her? River’s too lost in the sand dunes to to see the hand in front of her face – or the eagles - who have mysteriously disappeared from their nests on Scout Point Island. 
She must find her way back – or perish.  Dock Crayton is a proud man who knows his wife Trixie, and River are innocent.  But how can he prove it?  Georgia Lemonn feels useless as she hides in her castle on the hill and watches Mimosa Lake
become covered in shadows of accusation and separation. 
Do all deserts have an oasis? Is there light amongst the shadows?
 Join River Ivery, Trixie and Dock Crayton, Georgia Lemonn, all the Mimosa Lake neighbors as they wait, search and walk through the sand and the shadows. Will the broken-hearted neighbors find their way through the desert? Maybe comfort rests in the darkest of shadows. After all, all darkness rests against the light.  Doesn’t it? Welcome back - to Mimosa Lake!

31 Days at Mimosa Lake: 
Neighborly Devotionals from the Heart

A little book of devotionals from the fictional Mimosa Lake neighbors and the author.  Enjoy 31 Days of quiet study at Mimosa Lake.

Mimosa Lake
Christmas at Mimosa Lake: 
The Nativity
December 2011 finds Mimosa Lake cluttered with unfulfilled wishes, empty houses, strange people and tempers flaring.  The eagles are roosting on Scout Point Island, but like many graces, the neighbors are almost taking their presence for granted.  What a Christmas Season!  River, Dock, Georgia, Alvin, Tim and all the neighbors are searching for a little joy and a place to rest.  It isn't easy to find room at the Inn - especially when it's burned down.  Sometimes, peace only comes when we stand in the cold at the edge of the manger.  Walk with the neighbors as they seek shelter - and find their joy - in The Nativity.

Christmas at Mimosa Lake: 
The Wise Men

River Ivery knows she’s been changed by the chaotic events of the 2012.  While River’s no longer lost in her own spiritual desert, she still doesn’t have her bearings.  Pastor Jack Daniels reminds his congregation it’s about the journey.  But can River take the steps to move on?   Blessedly she has three wise men to help her.  Dock Crayton, forever the fixer, believes his Christmas surprise will fix his wife’s pain.  But he didn’t count on falling in love while Christmas shopping.  If the neighbors just look around, they’ll see the message shines before them.  Good tidings of great joy await all at Mimosa Lake, if they can follow their hearts. 


It All Happened 
at the Old Oak Tree
At first glance, everything seems quiet at the Old Oak Tree, but take a closer look.  Peek into the secret lives of some of creatures who come to: , work, hide, jump, run, rest or just be near – the star of the forest – the place where it’s all happening . . .  the Old Oak Tree.

Buggin' the Birds

What’s the world look like from a bug’s eye view?  The bugs watch everything around them - especially the birds.  Butterfly, Moth, Ladybug, Spider, the Honeybees and so many other bugs are just waiting to tell you secrets about their feathered friends.
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